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When Impact Pardons does a Criminal Background Check it is sometimes called by a different name. Names like: ‘Background Check’, ‘CPIC’ – (pronounced ‘See-pick’), ‘Criminal Name Check’ a ‘Criminal Information Request’, ‘Criminal Record Request’, ‘Criminal Record Check’, ‘Police Check’ and other names. For our clients, our software program sends the completed CPIC request via secure transmission to our affiliated police agency here in Ontario for quick and reliable processing.

No matter what you call it, Impact Pardons gets the Level I or Level II CPIC done accurately, quickly and confidentially.

The process is simple. Show some ID, fill out the form and pay. Leave the rest to Impact Pardons to see the request gets electronically submitted to our affiliate police agency for transmission to the RCMP. Typically, most people are in the office less than 10 minutes. Impact Pardons will call/email you when the CPIC is back.

Straight clean and simple. That’s Impact Pardons making better tomorrows, today.

Andrew Tonner

When will I need a CPIC?

Impact Pardons will do CPIC checks for adoption, immigration, foreign travel or cross border work. Various companies may require a CPIC be done for safety reasons within their work environment. Their people may need to be bonded as they are required to work at a secure site or to prevent employee theft. As a CPIC is a ‘point in time’ check, some employers may have their employees checked each year.

Employers, have you had occasion to ask your employees to get a CPIC done and 7 or 10 days later you’re still waiting for results because some employees haven’t yet gone to the police station to submit their application? Why not try our ‘Scan and Send’ Name Check Service? The completed applications begin coming back within 3 to 4 hours. Call Impact Pardons. We can help.

Please note: Once your application has been submitted, NO REFUND will be issued.

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