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If you currently live or work outside Canada (or reside in a remote area of Canada) and require your fingerprints be submitted to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for a Certified Criminal Record Check, Impact Pardons can get that done for you quickly and easily with our Canadian International Fingerprint Service (CIFS).

Complete the Initial Information Form and click the submit button to send it to Impact Pardons. That information will be used to prepare an individual Fingerprint Kit that will then be emailed to you, usually the same day. All the guidelines, instructions and forms you will need to get fingerprinted locally are included. Once the forms are completed, mail or courier your fingerprints back to Impact Pardons.

Impact Pardons will transcribe your original paper fingerprints to digital format using our CardScan process that then allows us to convert them to digital form. Since Impact Pardons is an RCMP approved and accredited fingerprint agency, the fingerprints are sent directly to the RCMP via secure VPN for processing. Straight, clean and simple; you save time and money.

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