Cannabis Record Suspensions


The time is now to apply for your cannabis pardon through Impact Pardons . The Parole Board of Canada (PBC) rolled out (no pun intended) their Cannabis record suspension (CRS), 1 August, 2019. Three persons have already come to Impact Pardons to begin the process. The CRS starts with digital fingerprints sent from Impact Pardons to the RCMP. That’s done in about 5 minutes for

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Big News Regarding Changes to CPIC System

Background Check

Are you a Company Security Officer (CSO)? Perhaps you are in Human Resources (HR) and you sometimes have to tell new hires they will need to get a CPIC (pronounced ‘See-Pic’) or a background check done for that Government of Canada contract your company is working on. If so, here is an announcement from Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) that will rock your world.

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RCMP Processing Time Update


The following excerpt is taken from the RCMP website. “Wait times for Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector (VS) checks vary depending on many different factors such as: The format of application received: paper or electronic The number of applications received at different times of the year The amount of manual processing related to your application” The chart below details the approximate wait times for fingerprint

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