Record Suspension User Fees Consultation

Fees and Cost

The Parole Board of Canada (PBC) is holding a Public Consultation regarding the Record Suspension User Fee. From May 9th to June 6th, 2016, they will be looking for feedback from the general public and those involved in the criminal justice system. Read their summary of the PBC’s Record Suspension Program and familiarize yourself with the various steps in processing a record suspension. After reviewing

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Conservative senators will fight Bill C-6

Parliament Building

The Liberal government tabled Bill C-6 last week and the goal is to repeal Conservative legislation (Bill C-24, 2014) Read it in today’s Whig as ‘Tories vow to fight law’ or online in the Ottawa Citizen ‘Tory Senators Fight Changes’ In early 2002, as a new person to the ID business, I called the passport office to determine if someone with a criminal record could

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Vow To Overhaul ‘Punitive’ Pardons System


For those wanting, needing, or pleading for a change to the Parole Board of Canada rules and regulations regarding record suspensions (pardons), there is now hope. Reported by CBC News on 20 Jan 2016, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale suggests the changes made by the previous conservative government to the pardons system were punitive. Mr. Goodale wants to re-examine the extended waiting periods, the cost

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